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Bale Wrapper

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Trailed Round Bale Wrapper With Side Loading Arm

The easily operated F6500 side loading bale wrapper is designed for cost effective bale wrapping by small and medium sized farms and features “on the go” bale wrapping, thus increasing productivity.

A four lever “CONFORT” hydraulic control panel operates in conjunction with the unit’s hydraulic distributor to control all bale wrapping functions. The cutting and tying of the film is also carried out hydraulically.

The design of the tilting turntable allows for very low bale unloading without the need of a rear unloading platform. Turntable rotation is automatically stopped at the correct position to allow for bale unloading. Alignment of the three driven belts is provided by a series of roller guides ensuring even bale rotation during the wrapping process. Two centering cones keep the bale in the correct position during wrapping.

Standard : 19.5in. or 29.5in plastic film winding pinion – Cutting & unloading device - Optional: Bale Tipper and bale counter

Standard: 19.5in. Or 2935in. Plastic film winding pinion-Cutting & unloading device- Optional: Bale Tipper and bale counter.


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