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394 Series Sickle Bar Mowers
394-5 Micro & 394-7 Superior

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Features Double Action Cutter Bar For a Cleaner Cut

Model #394-5

The First Choice line of Sickle Bar Mowers is without a doubt the
best value for your money. The dual action cutter bar ensures a
sharp, clean cut every time you mow. Each unit comes standard
with a heavy duty PTO, blade protector for transporting the machine, and an automatic safety re-lease
which protects both yourself and your machine when encountering an obstruction in the field.
An optional hydraulic lift for the 394-7 makes cutting, transporting, and storing your First Choice
Sickle bar mower easy. Each mower has the capabilities of mowing 90 degrees vertical or up to 70
degrees downward which makes them perfect for cutting along a pond or ditch.




Model Cut Width Weight PTO RPM Lift Type Min/Max HP Operating Speed
394-5 5' 441 540 Manual 20/75 10 mph
394-7 7' 551 540 Manual or Hydraulic 20/75 10 mph


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