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Pendulum Spreader

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Renowned for accurate placement of
fertilizer, the First Choice range of
Pendulum Fertilizer Spreader has models to suit many differing applications. Whether it be Golf
Course, Farming or Landscaping these machines will give excellent results. Using differing engineering materials such as Stainless Steel
fertilizer metering outlet plates,
Polypropylene or Fiberglass hopper’s,
metal surfaces that have paint, lacquer
and successive baking at high
temperature contribute to long
machine life.

First Choice spreaders can handle many variations of
material in size and density. Positive agitation in the lower
base ensure material flows through the metering outlet plates
and is then distributed accurately by the oscillating action of
the spout. The application rate is adjusted on the machine by
an infinitely variable control which is simple and easy to set.
On /off control of the spreader can be mechanical or hydraulic
dependent on model. All units are close coupled to the tractor
for safety and ease of operation, the larger models offer quick
attach linkage as standard. Spreading widths can be easily
adjusted for many applications and operations making this a
true all round performer. Reliability and Performance make
sure that this machine will perform for many years to come.



Model Number FS21- 900


  FS23- 1300


FS25- 2600
Hopper Material Type  Polypropylene Fiberglass  Fiberglass
Carrying Capacity gals (lts) 79 (300)  111 (500) 222 (1000)
Carrying Capacity lbs (kgs) 800 (362) 1400 (635)  2800 (1270)
Height Inch (mm)  46.5 (1180)  39 (1000) 47 (1200)
Machine Weight lbs (kgs) 214 (123) 287 (130) 392 (178)
Spreading Width Min./max. ft. (mt)  20 - 40 ( 6 - 12 ) 20 - 40 ( 6 - 12 ) 20 - 40 ( 6 - 12 )
Hydraulic On / Off Control  N/A  Optional Standard
Low Agitator Standard Standard Standard
Agitator Extension Kit (for powdered
materials) for FS23/25
 N/A Optional Optional



Mechanical On/Off Control

Infinitely Adjustable Rate Control

Hydraulic on/off Control

Quick Attach Lower Linkage


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