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Spin Spreaders

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Accurate placement of spread
material comes standard with all First Choice spreaders. These
units are operational worldwide in Farming, Landscaping and Golf course operations. All First choice spreaders are capable of spreading many varying types of materials. Closely coupled to the tractor for safety and ease of operation the machine is constructed of a tubular chassis, with a choice of steel or polypropylene hoppers. All
metal surfaces are powder painted , lacquered and dried at high temperature for protection
against corrosion. PTO drive from the tractor to a centrally mounted to either a cast iron or steel gearbox* then transfers power to the stainless steel* spreading disc and standard rigid agitator. Material flows down the cone shaped hopper and then passes through the controlled outlet gates were it falls onto the stainless steel* spreading disc. Rotational speed of the disc and the multiple spreading vanes then accelerate material in a balanced and controlled application to the receiving area resulting in a perfect accurate spread. Should the material be lumpy and or dense, extra agitation
can be obtained in the optional
tumble style agitator. Synchronized controls, variable position of the spreading vanes enable the unit to spread material left and right hand of the unit as well as centrally. Simple and easy application rate changes are via the rate setting control on the front of the machine. Material is placed accurately, precisely, and efficiently making this a true all round performer
for years to come.  *Dependant on Model


Model FSO1-400  FSO1-850 FSO3-850R FSO5-850Y
Machine Weight lbs. (kg)  110 126 180 110 
Carrying Capacity lbs (kg) 400 850 850 850
Spreading Width Min-Max Ft. (mt) 20-40 (6-12) 20-40 (6-12) 20-40 (6-12) 20-40 (6012)
Height Inch (mm)  36 (910) 44.5 (1130) 47 (1193) 42 (1070)
Hopper Material Type Steel Steel Steel Poly.
Stainless Steel Disc  Yes Yes No Yes
Rigid Mini Agitator  Std.  Std. Std. Std.
Adjustable Spreading Vanes 4 4 6 4
Steel or Cast Iron Gearbox Steel Steel Cast Iron Steel
Tumble Agitator Optional Optional Optional N/A





Lower Rigid & Optional Tumble Agitator


Synchronized On- Off Control



Adj. Vanes & Stainless Steel Disc


Outlet Gates & Spreading Vanes


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