Buy Smart Inc, referred to as BSI, provides a limited warranty on new parts it supplies. This warranty is against material defects, including excessive wear, workmanship and mis-manufacturing, for the period of one year from the date of purchase by the first user. For dealers this coverage is for two years to compensate for possible shelf life. This limited warranty is only extended to BSI dealers and their first user customer. It is non-transferable. The warranty is restricted to 90 days for contractor-applications, golf courses, municipalities and for rental purposes. The useful-life-time of typical wear-items varies greatly by applications. Therefore the warranty standards on those parts are restricted to the wear on comparable-classified items in comparable circumstances. BSI’s final judgment is binding. In case of wear-items, BSI reserves the right to reduce its possible warranty compensation by the used-% applicable to the parts involved. Abuse or lack of maintenance under all circumstances voids any warranty. If BSI accepts that the goods are eligible for warranty, BSI offers to replace the goods, or at their discretion, credit the customer. This warranty at maximum covers the cost of material at net prices paid by the customer, and the delivery-freight cost based on the most economical freight costs system for these goods. Customers must submit a completed claim form within 30 days after failure, answer related questions, send pictures when requested, and BSI has the right to require that parts be returned for inspection. In such case BSI will pay the return freight costs. Non-compliance or non-timely filing will void a warranty claim. This warranty shall not be interpreted to render Buy Smart Inc liable for damages of any kind, direct, consequential, or contingent to property. Buy Smart Inc is neither liable for any damage beyond its control. This warranty does not cover loss of income, rental, penalties, legal action, labor or any other reason. No other warranty of any kind whatsoever, express or implied, is made with retrospect to this sale. All implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose which exceed the obligations set forth in this warranty are disclaimed and excluded.